Why Elon Musk Deleted Tesla and Space X’s Facebook Page ?


Elon Musk Deleted Tesla and SpaceX’s Facebook Page

Elon Musk Deleted his facebook page: Since the data leak of 5 million users, people are getting annoyed by Facebook.
Immediately after the report released, Whatsapp’s co-founder Brian Acton tweeted the #deletefacebook campaign after tweeting.

In his tweet, he said that the time has come to delete Facebook and people should now delete Facebook.

People have started deleting Facebook accounts and pages in protest of its use of Facebook data leaks and Cambridge analytics.

People are running the #deletefacebook campaign on social media against Facebook. After that, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has deleted the Space X and Tesla’s Facebook page.

Musk provided information about this on Twitter, after which millions of followers of Musk started commenting.

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If you go now to the Facebook page of SpaceX and Tesla, ‘As of this publishing, going to any of the above pages directs you to a message saying’ Sorry, this content is not available right now.’ The message will found.

While Musk told Instagram and Imo better in one of his tweets.

He also said, “We and our company have never publicized any Facebook and have never taken any advertisement from Facebook. The product makes space in the market itself or wasted on its quality”.

He further said that he does not use Facebook or will never forward.

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