Broadband Speed of Internet India ranked at 67th place

Broadband Speed of Internet India

Broadband Speed of Internet India:

Broadband Speed of Internet India: The government is committed to making the country digital. This is the demand of time also. The poor can be given their right to a better way than this mode. But the speed of the internet is stopping the government’s intentions.

High-speed Internet in today’s mobile phone is still far away. According to the SpeedTest Index of Internet Speed Test, Ookla’s SpeedTest Index, India is at 67th in 130 countries of the world regarding broadband speed. In the case of mobile download speed, India is ranked 109th in 130 countries.

In December, Chief Executive Officer of the Policy Commission Amitabh Kant had told that 150 crore gigabytes of data are consumed in the country. This data is more than the combined data consumption of US and China.

Broadband Speed of Internet IndiaIncreasing speed in India

In November 2017, the country’s average broadband speed was 18.82 Mbps. It became 20.72 Mbps in February.

India ranked 76th on this list last year. This year, the country has jumped nine places.

Mobile internet speed has not increased. Last year also the country was at the 109th position.

However, the average download speed increased from 8.80 Mbps in November to 9.01 Mbps in February.

In the previous year’s report, India was involved in the world’s most populous countries, which increased the speed of fixed broadband.

Reason for low speed:

The 4G internet has increased fast in the country, though the companies have failed to provide speed according to their promises. The reason is that of low capacity networks.

The country’s telecom industry is struggling with economic inequality. After the launch of Reliance Jio Network, many major data provider companies are in huge loss. So they are not able to invest in increasing network capacity.

Such is SpeedTest

The SpeedTest Index is used to study the speed of downloading data from every corner of the globe. There are 7021 SpeedTest servers of Ocala in the world, 439 of which are in India.

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