Amazing gadget Pebble PowerShare-Z offering by amazon

Pebble PowerShare-Z

Amazing Gadget Pebble PowerShare-Z

Amazon offering Pebble PowerShare-Z at just Rs 425. This is a unique gadget that allows you to transfer the battery power of any OTG-supported smartphone/tablet into your smartphone or tablet when its battery has run down.

Let ‘s see more about this gadget these fantastic gadgets can transfer battery charge from one device to another.

This gadget Covered by High-Grade Silicon to provide sturdiness and smooth touch and Integrated Protective Circuit to ensures no overcharging or discharging.

It uses OTG functionality for transfer power from smartphones, for iPhone users and other c-type smartphones have to use connectors for this gadget.

Furthermore, its so tiny device with Size: 5.5cm x 2.5cm x 0.5cm, that you can easily carry in your pockets or purse/bag.

The soft, High-Grade Silicon cover of this PowerShare-Z gadget keeps it in covered from dust, break, and from falls damage.

Designed with a classy look and with compactness in mind, the silicone cover of this gadget also looks attractive and allows you to carry the product anywhere that you like for charging on-the-go.

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